Driven by a vision to supply our Muslim community with traditional hand slaughtered meat,
Musa opened his first custom slaughter house in the heart of New York City. Since 1989 Musa has grown his reputation as the pioneer of custom slaughter catering to the halal, kosher and custom consumer. Ensuring the selection of live stock, Musa personally traveled from state to state hand selecting each animal prior to arrival in the slaughter plant. Due to consumer demand, Musa decided to expand to a federal plant that is capable of meeting the expanding halal, kosher and custom style slaughter. Musa slaughterhouse will be one of a very few slaughter plants that is able to provide hand slaughtered meat on a large scale that is capable of meeting each growing demand.

“The drive remains the same; my vision is to be able to provide the community with products that are 100% hand slaughtered according to Islamic law at prices that are competitive to modern processing, equipment was specifically designed to meet those needs. My goal is to allow the consumer to come in and witness the slaughter and allow them to be completely comfortable with our slaughter methods, the consumer will no longer need to guess or have doubt on the slaughter method. Our slaughter method is the least painful method for the animals and is the healthiest of methods to our consumers. Our animals are bled accordingly which reduces the amount of bacteria in the meat. I’m bringing the farm to the consumer’s front door”.

Musa Simreen
Musa Slaughterhouse
Will slaughter animals brought in if animals meet inspection. Animals brought in must be permissible for slaughter under Islamic law. Prices will depend on weight and type of animal.
  • Beef Beef
  • Broilers Broilers
  • Guinea Hen Guinea Hen
  • Lamb Lamb
  • Quail Quail
  • Sheep Sheep
  • Mutton Mutton
  • Veal Veal
  • Stewing Hen Stewing Hen
  • Rabbit Rabbit
  • Goat Goat
  • Pigeon Pigeon

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